Town Hall Theatre


Plumas Arts manages the Town Hall Theatre, which is the only movie business in the county and one of the few remaining small town, single screen movie businesses anywhere. Keeping the business viable in this turbulent economy is an ongoing challenge. "Going to the movies" is still and important and affordable entertainment options, particularly for our areas’ lower income, elderly and teen populations. Going to a movie is often an event that the entire family enjoys. We always strive to present a monthly schedule of films and live shows that will offer something for everyone.

This much loved facility also serves as the county’s only fixed-seat, professional quality venue for live productions by visiting and local artists as well as theatre and community groups. In addition to our own productions, each year we host college, student and community plays and performances, recitals, film series’, debates, lectures, trainings and forums. Under the management of Plumas Arts, our Town Hall Theatre still serves the mission that it was conceived for by the Townhall Association in 1872: to provide a place for the citizens of Plumas County to come together for a variety of purposes.

Background & History: Plumas Arts & the Town Hall Theatre

Plumas Arts first purchased the THT movie business in 1986 from Gary Patton. (The facility is owned by the Townhall Association, which now exists for this sole purpose.) It was the intention then as it is now to have the facility function as a community cultural center and not just a movie house. In the next few years the theatre was refurbished: a stage was built, seats reupholstered, acoustic wall covering added, theatrical lights and sound equipment were acquired. For more than a decade The THT functioned as an independent nonprofit organization.

In 2003 that nonprofit entity dissolved returning the THT to Plumas Arts. Through consolidation of resources, marketing skills and adept management Plumas Arts salvaged the nearly bankrupt business. Once again Plumas Arts mobilized a significant community efforts to remove and replace seats, repair the ceiling, refinish the auditorium floors, refurbish the lobby and bathrooms. In 2007 movie business proceeds with some funds from building owners (THAssn) were invested in insulating, sheet-rocking and putting sound-board on the back wall to counter an astronomical rise the cost of heating oil and improve acoustics. In 2009 we completed our 3-year/ $20K investment in a new movie sound system (with headsets for the hearing impaired) and upgrades to our vintage 35mm projectors. We have also made significant investments in electrical upgrades to bring outdated wiring up to suit contemporary needs. All in all Plumas Arts has invested nearly $100,000 in facility and business.

Plumas Arts maintains valiant and ongoing efforts necessary to keep this much-loved, vintage 1937 historically relevant facility viable for future generations. In Spring 2011 with support from the Townhall Association, Feather River College’s S.I.F.E. (Students in Free Enterprise) and Quincy Chamber of Commerce we will paint the building, replace doors and wood-rot in the exterior foyer, restore the tile exterior of the box office and repaint the protective roof exterior. This will kick off a two-year $75,000 fundraising campaign to restore the marquee and rebuild the Art Deco style tower.

The planned 2012 projects will: complete paint, box office tiling and the construction of custom new front doors made with fine grade Douglas Fir donated by Sierra Pacific Industries. Plumas Arts gratefully acknowledges Feather River Disposal for ongoing support of business operations.